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    By John Flanagan



    When you load a conceptual mass into a project and turn shaded mode on, they still appear as wireframe as illustrated.

    Fig 1: Conceptual Masses – Default Form - Wireframe


    To add colour to your masses do the following:

    • Click the Manage tab on the ribbon and on the settings panel select object styles.

    Fig 2: Object Styles Location

    • In the object styles dialogue box, scroll down to mass. You will see that massing is using the material – Default Form.

    Fig 3: Object Styles Dialogue Box


    • Click to the right of default form to open the material browser or click on the material tool on the settings panel. When the material browser opens you can change the colour and transparency of

       the mass objects.

    Fig 4: Material Browser – Default Form


    In this example the colour has been changed to crimson and the transparency to 23. The result is illustrated below.

    Fig 5: Coloured Masses with Reduced Transparency


    Instead of changing the colour, try applying a surface pattern to the masses to add texture.

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