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    By Scott Cunliffe


    Let’s take a look at the lesser used “Create Substitutes” function, and use a framerate monitor to compare the hardware performance before and after the change.

    Create Substitutes is a quick way to convert all top-level sub-assemblies into shrinkwrapped levels of detail.  It takes minimal input, and is best done over a coffee break if your assembly is sizeable.


    The framerate monitor in Inventor must be unlocked via the registry.  As always, please exercise caution with the registry and do not modify it unless you are confident.  There is a walkthrough at the end of the video.  The key to change is as follows:


    Add a key to Preferences named “Scene Manager”, and then another key for Scene Manager called “Debug”.  In the right-hand window for Debug, create a new DWORD 32-bit key called “Post Statistics” and modify its value to 1.



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