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    By James Philip


    The project base point and the survey point can be (clipped) or (unclipped).

    By default, they are clipped in all views. To switch between the clipped and unclipped states, first click the point, and then the icon.

    The following table describes how clipping and unclipping affects these points when you move them in a view.


    To move the project base point or survey point in a view, do one of the following:

    • Drag the point to the desired position.
    • Click the point, and then click the desired coordinate to open the text box. Enter the new coordinates. For a project base point, changing the value of the Angle to True North is another way of rotating a project to True North.
    • The startup location is the original position of the project base point in a new project. To return the project base point to its startup location:
    1. Unclip the project base point.
    2. Right-click the project base point, and click Move to Startup Location.


    Source: Autodesk Help