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    By John Flanagan

    Have you ever wanted to place automatic Door sizes as a Tag ? Follow these steps on creating your own Door Tags that show the actual Door Sizes rather than the Door Mark.

    Fig 1:  Door Tag with Dimensions in Project Browser         

    Step 1:  In the project browser expand Annotation Symbols to see that a door tag family has been loaded into the project. If not you can load one by clicking the Insert tab on the Ribbon, click the Load Family button to access the Metric Library, open the Annotations folder and then open the Tags folder and select  the door tag (Anno_Tag_Door_Mark). We will now create a new tag from the existing tag.

    Step 2:  In the project browser, right click on the door tag that you just loaded and then click the edit button. This will take you into the edit family workspace.

    Step 3:  Select the door tag label and in properties click edit label and make the following changes in the Edit Label Dialogue box. Use the red arrow to remove the existing parameter names and the green arrow to add the new Width and Height parameter names and then click OK.

    Step 4:  Before loading the new door tag into the project, you must save it to an appropriate location with a sensible name e.g. M_Door Tag_Dimensions. Once loaded into the project, you should be able to tag Doors to show size instead of type.


    When placing tags, use the with leader option from the options bar underneath the ribbon. Use the same approach for window tags to display window sizes.



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