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    By Connor Ferguson


    When using an iLogic form in Inventor you can enable or disable options depending on the value of a True/False parameter.

    In the below video I have an iLogic form that controls a dart assembly. There is True/False parameter option on the form called ‘Stem and Flight Included?’, so the value of this parameter drives the suppression state of my stem and flight parts in my assembly. The problem is even when this is set to False I can still change the parameters that relate to these parts, so what I do is edit my form and for each of these options I set the enabling parameter name to be my True/False parameter. This way, when the value of the parameter is set to false the ability to change these options on form is disabled.

    In my iLogic rule I also drive a constraint to show the stem screwing in and out of the barrel for no other reason than I think it looks pretty cool! Keep a look out for an upcoming blog for the code to do this.