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    By Dennis Collin


    Enhance your 3D scenes with this impressive looking content

    Image Credit: Aron Kamolz, using models from Xfrog Plants Europe 2

    These models work with V-Ray for 3ds Max and Maya, as well a range of other formats which will work with their native renderers (Max, 3ds, Cel etc.) These can be downloaded from Xfrog's samples page with over 100 downloadable 2d and 3d samples of deciduous, coniferous trees shrubs and plants.

    The free content and creation software can be found on the site here:

    These free samples also include some European content including Chestnut, Yew and Beech trees

    There is also a discount on purchasable content for the rest of August which can be accessed on the same page with the usual extra discounts for bundles.



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