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    By Martin Phelps


    In Revit a selected object or number of objects can be moved without using the “Move” command. This can be achieved by using a feature call “Nudge”. Although “Nudge” has been available for some time, it’s one of those commands that can easily be overlooked.

    On the down side however, it’s not as precise as many users may require since the closer the user zooms into the object the finer the movement or “Nudge” becomes, this also works in reverse so the further the user zooms out of the view the greater will be the “Nudge” or movement.

    The “Nudge” movement relates to screen pixels, hence the reason why the movement is smaller when you zoom into the object but greater when you are further away from the object.

    To “Nudge” an object selection simply use the arrow keys on the keyboard, the “Nudge” amount can be increased by holding down the “Shift” key.

    AutoCAD has also has similar “Nudge” function, and again it’s been part of the software for some time, but for it to work use the key combination of “CTRL + the arrow keys”. The “Shift” key has no effect in AutoCAD.