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    By Anite Ramgi

    A great feature available in AutoCAD is the ability to measure the time spent on a particular drawing.

    The time feature can be viewed by typing TIME in the command window, and you will be prompted by an AutoCAD Text Window.

    In this window, information regarding date and time is displayed.

    The current time displays the current time, while created and last updated indicates the time when the drawing was started and last saved respectively.

    An overview of the time spent on the drawing is shown as Total editing time and this cannot be reset, however there is an additional timer, the Elapse time, which can be set by the user by typing ON and OFF. This timer (Elapse time) can also be reset by typing in the RESET in the command window.

    The dwg file, is automatically saved and a countdown to the next automatic save is shown as Next automatic save in.

    The time and date will change in real time, and the updated time and date is shown by typing DISPLAY in the command window.




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