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    By Kim Hyde

    Whether you are using Vault Basic, Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional, the rename tool is an essential feature particularly for Inventor users where maintaining the links for parent / child relationships is paramount.  However, since Vault updates the filename for all versions of the data when trying to find the original file references the method of searching may not be obvious.  The following steps will help guide you to locating the original files and finding any data that has undergone a rename in Vault.

    The following images record the rename in Vault for an AutoCAD file named Clamp Control Unit to a new name using a Vault-based auto-numbering scheme, note the 3 versions recorded prior to the rename; also note that the property column `File Name (Historical)’ has been added the History view in the lower window.

    After the rename the File Name column shows the new value for all versions (MID-INV-006), whilst the File Name (Historical) shows both old and new names.

    … Now for the search … if you have no idea which folder the data is in, always select the root ($) folder first before using the Find function.  When setting up the search, first untick the `Find latest versions only’ on the Options tab (this is a must because you are trying to locate an historical version!).


     Then on the Advanced tab set the `Look for’ to Files (Vault Professional only), the property to `File Name (Historical)’, then set the required condition and value (example shows `contains’ / `clamp’.  Note that the `File Name (Historical) property column has also been added for easy identification of the required file.  Remember too that you can save your searches if you are frequently looking for similar data.

    Lastly, you can either look for any data that has been renamed via a simple search using `rename’, or perhaps an advanced find using dates to limit a search (note that `Rename’ is automatically added to the Vault Comment property during the rename operation).