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    By Dennis Collin

    There have been recent updates this August for both IFC import and export for Revit 2016 and 2017, which you can access using the links below:

    IFC for Revit 2016 (v16.5):


    IFC for Revit 2017 (v17.2):


    It is highly recommended to update to the latest version as it addresses a number of issues. The download includes both import and export components as one singular install making the update an easy deployment. Also this update will work for the Revit LT platform too. However for users of Revit 2013 - 2015 versions  there will no longer be  regular updates for these platforms.

    Some of the improvements and bug fixes to the IFC plug-in are listed below.

    The plugin will use "Reference Level" as the base level of the element when exporting certain MEP components.

    It will also support the export of mass density units.

    The IFC plug-in will now export rooms and areas even if they have improperly closed internal boundaries. However, note that the resulting IfcSpace created may then be missing expected interior holes.

    The issue when exporting some 0 height walls when they have associated parts has now been fixed. Also, the plug-in will only associate a door or window with one opening, even if the door or window is inserted into multiple walls, complying with the IFC standard.

    On import a number of annoying error messages are addressed along with a range of scaling issues.

    A more complete list of issues and fixes can be accessed in the read me accompanying the download, but in any case it is worth downloading and installing this update to ensure that data transfer in your BIM project goes more smoothly.



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