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    The Scale Print jobs fail when I try to Print Point Data Layers.



    MapThat’s Scale Print tool uses OSGEO4W and QGIS to generate True Scale Prints. QGIS can only read in points/icons if there are saved as .SVG files. Because of this limitation, when you create a print job MapThat will check what layers are displayed in the map and if there are any point layers it will need to save the original .PNG file as a .SVG file on the server.

    The location of where MapThat writes these .SVG files to is controlled by the MT_ADMIN_SETTINGS table using the IMAGE_ROOT_PATH value:

    You will need to ensure that this path is correct, and that the folder chosen is editable so that the .SVG files can be created as required.

    Finally, also ensure that the original .PNG file names have no spaces or irregular characters (e.g. a %,& etc…), as the creation of new .SVG files will not work for filenames with those types of value.



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