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Predefined keyboard and mouse shortcuts in Fusion360:

Copy Ctrl+C Command+C
Paste Ctrl+V Command+V
Cut Ctrl+X Command+X
Save Ctrl+S Command+S
Undo Ctrl+Z Command+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y Command+Y
Refresh data panel F5 F5
Display 4 viewports Shift+1 Shift+1
Full-screen mode Ctrl+Shift+F Ctrl+Shift+F
Show/hide ViewCube Ctrl+Alt+V Ctrl+Command+V
Show/hide browser Ctrl+Alt+B Ctrl+Command+B
Show/hide activity Ctrl+Alt+A Ctrl+Command+A
Show/hide text commands Ctrl+Alt+C Ctrl+Command+C
Show/hide toolbar Ctrl+Alt+W Ctrl+Command+W
Show/hide navigation bar Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Command+N
Show/hide data panel Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Command+P
Reset to default layout Ctrl+Alt+R Ctrl+Command+R
Model workspace:
Extrude E E
Hole H H
Press/Pull Q Q
Fillet F F
Move M M
Appearance A A
Compute All Ctrl+B Command+B
Joint J J
As-built Joint Shift+J Shift+J
Line L L
2-point Rectangle R R
Center Diameter Circle C C
Trim T T
Offset O O
Measure I I
Sketch Dimension D D
Scripts and Add-Ins Shift+S Shift+S
Window Selection 1 1
Freeform Selection 2 2
Paint Selection 3 3
Sculpt workplace (edit form):
Add geometry Alt+drag Alt+drag
Add geometry and keep creases Ctrl+Alt+drag Ctrl+Alt+drag
Grow selection Shift+UpArrow Shift+UpArrow
Shrink selection Shift+DownArrow Shift+DownArrow
Loop selection Alt+P Ctrl+P
Loop grow selection Alt+O Ctrl+O
Loop shrink selection Alt+I Ctrl+I
Ring selection Alt+L Ctrl+L
Ring grow selection Alt+K Ctrl+K
Ring shrink selection Alt+J Ctrl+J
Range selection Alt+M Command+M
Invert selection Alt+N Command+N
Selection filter Vertex Alt+A Command+A
Selection filter Edge Alt+S Command+S
Selection filter Face Alt+D Command+D
Selection filter Body Alt+G Command+G
Previous U Alt+LeftArrow Ctrl+Command+LeftArrow
Next U Alt+RightArrow Ctrl+Command+RightArrow
Previous V Alt+DownArrow Ctrl+Command+DownArrow
Next V Alt+UpArrow Ctrl+Command+UpArrow
Transformation mode Multi Alt+Q Command+Q
Transformation mode Translation Alt+W Command+W
Transformation mode Rotation Alt+E Command+E
Transformation mode Scale Alt+R Command+R
Coordinate space World Alt+Z Command+Z
Coordinate space View Alt+X Command+X
Coordinate space Local Alt+C Command+C
Box mode Ctrl+1 Ctrl+1
Control frame mode Ctrl+2 Ctrl+2
Smooth mode Ctrl+3 Ctrl+3
Select edge ring double-click an edge double-click an edge
Select face ring select two faces and double-click a third select two faces and double-click a third
CAM workspace:
All CAM tools Ctrl+A Command+A
Import tool library Ctrl+I Command+I
Export tool library Ctrl+E Command+E
Duplicate tool Ctrl+D Command+D
Delete tool Del Del
Renumber tools Ctrl+R Command+R
Generate toolpaths Ctrl+G Command+G
Tool edit Alt+Enter Alt+Enter
Pan press middle button press middle button
two-finger drag
Zoom roll wheel roll wheel
Orbit Shift + press middle button Shift + press middle button
Shift + two-finger drag
Orbit around point Shift + click then press middle button Shift + click then press middle button

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