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    By Kim Hyde

    The thought of managing iParts and iAssemblies in Vault can be daunting, there are some definite `Do’s and Don’ts’ for storing, editing and release management.

    I recently came across a really useful Autodesk Knowledge link that provides a very comprehensive guide; the article also includes a list of hyperlinks to specific sub-topics listed below:

    There are however a couple of important things to note, namely a) that this is not aimed for those using Vault Basic as the section `Organising Factory Members’ talks about categorising the various file-types, an exercise that is limited to Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional and b) the statement of scope specifies that the article does not cover the installation and configuration (something that Cadline specialise in as a Platinum Accredited Autodesk Partner).

    For more information regarding this article, please refer to the following link:




    Happy Vaulting!



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