Inventor 2017 quick tip – Set rules to suppress part features without using iLogic

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By Connor Ferguson


Inside a part document you can actually define a rule (Not an iLogic rule) that will suppress a feature based on the value of a numeric parameter.

If you right click on a part feature in the model browser and select Properties, up will pop the Feature Properties dialog box as below. In here there are various options you can set for the feature including changing the feature name, adaptivity and appearance.

In the suppress section you can always suppress the feature or you can tick ‘If’. You can then define a rule for the suppression state of the feature. You can select any numeric parameter, a mathematical comparison symbol and set a value for the comparison. So the below setting will suppress feature Extrusion1 If my Length parameter is less than 200. Once this is set, go and change you parameter value and the feature will suppress. 

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