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    How do I apply Watermarks to WMS layers in GeoServer?



    Using the GeoServer Web Admin Interface you can use the Web Map Service (WMS) page to edit how your WMS layers are served. Within the Watermark Settings category, simply tick;

    • the option to Enable Watermarks,
    • choose the location of a suitable image, e.g. a company logo, and
    • finally choose the Watermark position, e.g. bottom right, top left, middle centre

    Press Submit within the Web Admin Interface to apply the changes, and now view your WMS within your client application (e.g. QGIS or a webGIS) or via the Layer Preview option using Open Layers. The image below, shows the DynamicMaps webGIS, opening a WMS of Aerial Imagery and applying a logo for the Watermark. 







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