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    By Clint Brown

    Autodesk has a comprehensive cloud platform which covers multiple products from A360 through to BIM 360, Fusion Lifecycle and several others in between. For system administrators, it has traditionally been difficult to monitor the availability of cloud services without logging a support call.

    The good news, is that Autodesk have a live dashboard that shows the Health of these services as well as planned maintenance and historical outages. The Health dashboard can be accessed by visiting Health.Autodesk.com

    So how can you use this dashboard? The next time you (or one of your users) have difficulty logging into an Autodesk cloud service, or have issues uploading files or managing users, check the dashboard and see if your specific service is experiencing any degradation of service.

    You are even able to subscribe to email alerts, so that you are pro-actively aware of any issues. To sign-up for alerts, simply sign into the health dashboard with your Autodesk account credentials, and then click on the "Health Subscription" button, to select the services you use. As soon as there are any issues, Autodesk Health will email you to let you know, and they will email you when the service is back up too. 

    In addition to the subscriptions and the live dashboard, you are able to view historical performance of the cloud services. Clicking on one of the historical dots will show you the status on that day.



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