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    By Justin Doughty


    Following on from my previous blog on Autodesk-LIVE, I thought I would move on to getting the model onto an iPad for viewing.

    First you will need the following on your compatible iPad:

    Autodesk A360 for iPad on iTunes

    Autodesk Live Viewer for iPad on iTunes

    I would also note at this point to make sure you have the latest iOS updates, as in our testing we needed to do this before the LIVE Viewer would respond. 

    So the first step in this process is to publish to iOS from the Autodesk LIVE Editor. Then upload the .live file to A360. 

    Moving on to the iPad, In A360 click on the information “i” circled icon, next to the file: 

    Then go to “Open In” and select the Autodesk Live Viewer: 


    Once the Viewer is open, click on the file to view: 


    We can then start to explore the model on the iPad: