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    By Justin Doughty 

    A common question when using A360 Team, is “How do I view files that have other files linked or referenced into them?”

    This could be Revit and linked files, Inventor and an Assembly, or even AutoCAD and External References.

    The first step is to gather your files into their own new folder. For Inventor we can go to File> Save As> Pack and Go, for AutoCAD Publish> eTransmit. For Revit we can either manually copy the files, or use the eTransmit add-in.

    This will take all relevant files needed for your project to display correctly in the A360 Team Viewer.

    The key to getting this working, is when you are uploading a file, pick the Assembly option:

    You will then be asked to browse to a folder, not a file.

    This will start to add all of the files in that folder, and ask you what the parent file is. In this case the Architectural Revit file has the Structural Revit file linked into it:

    Once uploaded, it will only show our one file we have specified:

    However when we view the file we can see all of the linked files structural elements have come through:



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