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    By Miles Nicholson

    The video shows you how you can update a block on the fly from within a schematic. You might have created a symbol and realised once you have used it that changes need to be made or you may be working with an old drawing or a copy of an old drawing where a block is an old definition.

    The Swap/Update Block command can update all instances of a given block with an updated version of the same block within either the active drawing or the entire project and it maintains the attribute values. Traditionally, AutoCAD® users would erase the block, purge the drawing of the block and then reinsert but this method loses the attribute information.


    Select the radial MN_04.png Update a block – substitute new version for selected block


    Select MN_02.png

    Pick the block you wish to update


    Select the radial MN_04.pngYes, copy all, old to new

    Select MN_05.png  (single drawing within the current activated project)

    Select MN_06.png (multiple drawings within the current activated project)

    The symbol block will be updated