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    By Denis Collin 


    V-Ray Beta 3 for Revit is now ready! Beta 3 runs up to 30% faster. The interface has been refined and interactive rendering improved. Support for Revit 2017 has also been added for this build.

    Two new features include, V-Ray Swarm and Project Gallery.

    The first new feature is a new web-based distributed rendering system called V-Ray Swarm. It's a simple, yet powerful way to divide rendering across multiple computers. Getting started with V-Ray Swarm is straightforward and is designed for automatic updates to get the best out of V-Ray.

    You also have a new feature called the Project gallery, users can save renders and import them direct into their Revit project. Renders can also be added to drawing sheets and are linked so that they update automatically, ensuring the latest render is always displayed and plotted.

    To enlist on the beta program, preview the V-ray add on beta and for more information visit here;




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