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    By Justin Doughty

    Autodesk have now released Autodesk LIVE, this great new service lets us transform Revit models into interactive visualisations that you can present or share with others to explore on their own.

    No more fixed path walk-through videos, think of it like having a game of your building, you can freely walk around and explore the file, even click on and interact with it!

    So how does this work? It’s as easy as opening a 3D view in a Revit model and clicking Go LIVE. This uploads, processes and downloads the file from the service, all in one go:

    It will then launch the Live Editor. So as soon as we enter the editor we can freely look around the visualisation:

    We can also walk around and explore the file using the WASD keys, or use the Tap&Go button. This clever feature understands things like doors and stairs, so will automatically take the route a person would:


    Then we can start to interactively adjust the sun position, via time and date:

    And with the Info button, we can pick elements of the project, and retrieve their properties:

    We can then publish the file, this means we can create a file for our customers/clients or colleagues to view using the free viewer available below:

    Autodesk Live Viewer on the Autodesk App Store

    Autodesk Live Viewer for iPad on iTunes

    Find out more and start your free trial of 10 cloud jobs at the Autodesk link below: