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    By Martin Phelps

    If anyone out there reads my blogs on a regular basis, you may have noticed that I have not contributed any blogs or white papers to Cadline Community for quite some time.

    I’ve not left Cadline, but have been on sick leave and now I’m back. Since this is my first blog for some time, I decided to make it more of a life style than a technical blog with of course a reference to Autodesk.

    Due to my recovery period I’ve had some time on my hands, this has given me the chance to do some sorting of “Accumulated Stuff”. “Stuff” that collects over time, “Stuff” that has not been looked at for years, but for some unexplainable reason has been kept, under the vague excuses “It may come in useful”, or “I’ll look at that later” or it may even have some form of odd sentimental value, or just plain reluctance to get rid of it.

    Now I’ve been a using AutoCAD products to produce technical drawings since the early 80’s, and have accumulated lots of Autodesk related “Stuff”, manuals, books, 5.25” floppy discs, (I doubt that many people remember these), 3.5” discs (or as they were originally known as diskettes, but I don’t know anyone who called them that), and third party software etc.

    So, since all these items were taking up quite a lot space in the loft, it was time for a sort out and since these have not been referred or referenced in years it seemed pointless keeping them.

    The oldest AutoCAD manual I found was Release 9 (even though I was using it prior to this), manuals for AutoCAD 10 and 11, a couple of complete set of manuals for AutoCAD 12, the list could go on. Not only did I have these, but also a number of reference books I bought years ago to help understand more about AutoCAD, (spent a fortune on these, that’s probably why I was so reluctant to get rid of them). Since the software has changed so much these have all become dated and of no use and now just taking up space.

    CD’s and disc’s contain any form of data where destroyed, the manuals and books however where donated to charity.

    The moral of this is that we all keep too much “Stuff” and every now and then need a sort out.

    Below are a couple of photos of some of the books and manuals that have now been donated, however the “Stuff” sorted was pre AutoCAD Release 14, and doesn’t include all the City and Guilds AutoCAD “Stuff”.

    More sorting is required.

    Next blog will be more technical!

    Now for a look at the 2017 products.



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