Vault 2017 – Sharing Saved Search’s Across the Entire Design Team

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By Miles Nicholson

Within Vault, you can save a search criteria entered in the Quick Find bar or in the Find dialogue box so that you can perform the same search again. The criteria are saved but the results of the search are not. Searches are saved on a per user account, so your saved searches are accessible only to you as a default. The saved searches then appear at the bottom of the Project Explorer navigation tree as shown below.

However, it may be useful to share common searches across the whole of the design team. All searches, as mentioned previously are stored in the user account and are stored on your client machine under your profile.



<<YourUserName>>       =             your Windows login

<<YourVaultName>>      =             your Vault database name e.g.  “Vault”

The Services_Security_* folder will have a numbered suffix which is dependent upon Vault version


Within the folder will be a series of files that have the same file name as your saved searches


It’s easy to duplicate these saved searches on other PC’s; simply copy these files to all other PC’s you wish to have the same saved searches.

There is an Autodesk App called Project Thunderdome that enables you to manage and deploy client-side Vault settings and content.

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