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How can I resolve the following error message in MapThat when using the Spatial Importer Tool?

Access to the path “D:\MapThat\Images\Import.bat” is denied.



This Spatial Importer issue is due to incorrect admin rights to write to the MapThat folder on the server where MapThat is installed.

The Spatial Importer tool updates the Import.BAT file (stored in /MapThat/Images/) each time it runs a spatial import to create a string of text relating to that specific translation. This string is then passed to Ogr2Ogr to run the translation needed. So for a spatial import I have just ran on my local laptop the Import.BAT has just been updated to:

When you copy over/ install a new release of MapThat, the new MapThat folder loses its original rights, and the Import.BAT cannot be updated when the Spatial Importer runs. This results in the user getting the Import.BAT error message.

To correct this simply re-apply the correct privileges to the MapThat folder:

  • Right Click > Choose Properties > Security > Edit
  • Add > type Everyone and then check Names
  • Then Allow Full Control
  • Ignore any error messages

Finally ensure the ogr2ogr path in the Webconfig table in SQL points to a valid directory for ogr2ogr on the server e.g:

The Spatial Importer tool in MapThat will now run without the Import.BAT error message.

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