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    By Miles Nicholson

    All companies have a way in which drawings are produced, which can affect everything from the way wires and elements are numbered; down to the colour type that is applied to layers. One method of overcoming problems relating to drawing standardization is through the creation of company codes of practice.  Although this would appear to be the simplest solution, such documents are time consuming to generate, and have to be kept up to date with company developments.  There is also the chance for misinterpretation of even the best‐written code, which can only lead to increasing the overall cost of a job itself. With AutoCAD Electrical you are provided with an easy way to ensure that all staff uses all of your preferred numbering systems title template borders, wire types, layer colours, etc. and you do not have to write a lengthy document to achieve it.

    Please also refer to Title Borders, Cover Pages & Drawing Standards.




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