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    By Kim Hyde

    Autodesk have made changes for FY2017 on how many of their products are licensed, in most cases the retirement of perpetual licenses for CAD have been replaced with flexible (rental-style) 'Desktop Licenses'.  Whilst Vault Basic remains uncontrolled by a license, both Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional for the new 2017 releases now have a dual option listed as follows:

    Single User License*

    New licensing model to suit a single user, perhaps working as a contractor logging onto a company Vault, or a single user logging onto a different Autodesk Global Licensing Zone (Autodesk Global Licensing Territory Legislation).

    This license is `PC/Workstation-centric’ (i.e. this license model is installed and operates directly from the PC.



    Multi-User License

    Standard network licensing model (unchanged from previous releases using FlexLM technology).

    This license is `Server-Centric’ (i.e. this license is installed onto a server managed by a multi-user license using Autodesk Network License Manager).


    For more information please refer to the following link:



    *Note – Special consideration should be made if it is intended to use the Job Processor which will consume extra licenses when operating.  Please refer to the link above for further information regarding license consumption.

    Also refer to the following PDF document regarding the Job Processor specifics:

    Happy Vaulting!




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