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    By Gary Mann

    Talking to Cymap customers, a significant problem many encounter is having the correct skills available at the right time. Employ new staff, train them and the work may dry up? Use contract staff, if you know of a good reliable source who will still be around when the building is occupied? The choice is yours. The decision is not a simple choice and it may come back to haunt you?

    Another option is to have the project modelled in Cymap by the Cadline team as others have done?

    Cadline’s Platinum Autodesk Status recognises that we have experts in every Autodesk application including our own Intellectual Property in products such as Cymap and MapThat.

    This leaves your own engineers more time to interrogate the model and make subtle changes, either individual or global changes to fine tune your vision. The Cadline nominated individual for the project will also be on hand to offer advice on the Cymap model throughout the duration of the project.

    Here’s how it works;

    • Supply the project plans in whatever format you have; DXF, DWG, PDF, gbXML, TBD or RVT. We are not fussy at all.
    • Let us know the heights of the various floor levels.
    • Supply either the appropriate U-values or building constructions so that they can be modelled in the Cymap U-value calculator and added to the Cymap materials database.
    • Alternatively we will use the default U-values for the type and age of the building and you can add or edit these at your leisure at a later date?
    • Supply the room data sheets to include room temperatures, set points, ventilation rates, room occupancy, equipment loads and lighting data. These can even be from within an existing in-house project. We will also supply these new company profiles in a suitable format for future jobs if required?
    • Alternatively we will use the default profiles applicable to the building type based on BRE and CIBSE Guidance.
    • Shading from adjacent buildings can also be modelled from site plans supplied to us.
    • The process could be used for either exporting the model to iSBEM or SAP via our BRE or NHER export facility although both of these options would require additional detailed input from yourself, e.g. how old is the existing boiler?
    • We will supply the Cymap model and associated files emailed in a Zipped format for your inspection and approval.


    What to do now?

    Get in touch here. I will determine exactly what is required and what you are able to provide and return a detailed listing of what we will do and the cost that we would charge.

    Surely that has to be a win, win offer from Cadline?




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