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    By Dennis Collin

    Upon downloading and installing the latest 2017 product from Autodesk the software installs and configures correctly.

    But upon opening the software results in the following screenshot with the message "Clock Error"

    Forcing a close will then result in a message:

    This message also appears if the time is set correctly but a valid recorded email address is not input when requested.

    But we're getting ahead of ourselves, although you may think that your time on your system is set correctly it is possible that it is indeed set incorrectly. (especially in the light of all the recent Windows 10 updates.)

    Bear with me here!

    Click on your Windows System Clock in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and choose 'time and date settings'

    Change time zone:

    Ensure you set to automatically adjust clock for 'daylight saving time'

    After setting this switch, ensure that your clock is showing the correct time and date. (You may need to lose an hour!)

    Rebooting the system after readjusting the time settings may also help to clear any licensing messages! Also synching with an external Time Server has also been reported to help clear any remaining licensing error/time errors.

    Also remember that if running a 2017 product you will need to login with the email address stated at download time or when you setup your Autodesk Account.



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