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    I have created a new feature using the MapThat Drawing Tools and added attributes, however when I choose to Save the new feature nothing happens or I get a message stating that the ‘Graphic has Failed’. How can I resolve this?


    In order to ensure that your Drawing Tools can create new features within your Data Layers you need to set a value for the AutoNumber Type within the MapThat Admin Forms. Your data could possibly be stored in any number of spatial database types and these settings include:

    • ORACLE - set the AutoNumber Type to be MAXVAL.
    • SQL SERVER - set the AutoNumber Type to be IDENTITY.
    • POSTGRES - set the AutoNumber Type to be SEQUENCE.

    These settings ensure that MapThat can create a new record in either Spatial Database table using the id of the last record to create a new id.

    If you are inserting records in to a SQL Database Table, ensure that you edit the DESIGN of the SQL Table and choose to set the IS IDENTITY value to be Y for the field that will be updated with the next sequential value – this is likely to be the Primary key field.




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