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    By Justin Doughty

    Just a quick run through of one of the great new features of Recap 360 Pro. I’ve previously spoken a lot about Memento and Recap Photo, and how accurate a mesh can be formed from these services.

    Recap 360 Pro now lets you create a mesh from a point cloud.

    So here’s what you do, for speed I used the Autodesk sample project. Also note at this point Object Mesh is only available for structured scans.

    Go to Cloud>Mesh Start:

    Give the Mesh a name, set the quality, and formats. Then submit the file to the cloud service.


    You’ll be notified when you file is ready to download.

    I tested the obj straight into 3DS Max, and got the following mesh:


    You can see how well this has converted, with more time spent on the point cloud in Recap, I can imagine many possibilities for this workflow, from quick visualisations, reverse engineering products or even documentation of historic items. I will be exploring this further in future.