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    By Kim Hyde

    It’s a strange thing … some people even deny it!, but if you are using Vault and an inherent `double-clicker’ when it comes to a basic mouse function, then you could be checking-out files to edit unnecessarily.

    I often come across instances where a team member has inadvertently checked-out a file when all they wanted to do is view the content, this especially applies to new users of Vault.  However, there is a simple at hand to alter Vault’s (default) double-click action from `Open’ (which leads to someone checking-out the data for edit) to `View in Window’.

    To change this feature select Tools > Options and select the drop-down setting for double-click:


    Just a couple of things to note about the `View in Window’ function:

    1. The application that will view the file is dependent on default file type registered on via the Operating System (e.g. a file with a .doc or .docx extension would normally be viewed using Microsoft Word).
    2. `View in Window’ does not copy (`Get’) a file to the local workspace folder.

    … oh, and by the way … if you are unsure if you have a whole load files checked-out that you may not know about, take a look at the following Cadline Community link that will help you setup a `saved search’ to show any data currently checked-out:


    … or create a report:



    Happy Vaulting!


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    Brendan Henderson

    It should be noted that a double click action of 'Open' should not check out the file if the Configure Prompts have been set correctly. From memory if 'File {0} is not checked out' is set to No and Never Prompt, this will stop the automatic checkout.

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