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    I thought I would put together a small overview of the Autodesk “A360” branded services, as there can be confusion between versions and what each of them do. Most of these require an Autodesk account which is free to sign up for at any of the links below. These tools are also available across devices with apps available from the websites. 


    A360 Viewer is a free online viewer for over 50 file formats. Simply drag and drop your file onto the website, and you will be able to quickly view, measure and interrogate the properties of the file without any software:

    This is completely free to view files and requires no sign up, however if you want to share or save the design for 30 days, log in with an Autodesk account.

    Try dropping a file below: 




    A360 Drive is simple to use cloud storage and file sharing service. This gives anyone signed in with an Autodesk account, 5GB of free online storage for their design data.

    With this very easy to use interface, we can create folders, upload and view files, and share files or folders with others. We can even upload media and office file formats for viewing.



    A360 is a project based collaboration tool, that combines the great A360 viewer and A360 Drive storage functionality with even more tools.

    Here we can create a project with files and folder structure, view share and review all of the data in one place.

    People can be invited to the project, to either contribute or comment on the files and all activity is captured in the project.

    We can invite new members to the project, see any activity, we also have a project calendar and discussion area:

    Viewing the files, we can easily review and make any comments:


    A360 has 2 options: 

    Another benefit of A360 Team is that a seat of A360 Team is included and can be used with Collaboration-for-Revit, this enables Revit to use cloud based Central files.



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