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    By John Flanagan 


    When you import a dwg file into Revit it is automatically pinned. If the Select Pinned Elements tool is turned off, you won’t be able to select the imported CAD file. The Select Pinned Elements icon is located on the right side of the status bar below the drawing window. Left click on the icon to activate it and you will be able to select the imported CAD file. Once you select the imported file it will highlight when you hover over its edge, left click to select. If you want to move the import just click on the pin symbol that appears near the centre of the import. You can also type UP to unpin or use the unpin icon on the modify panel on the ribbon.

    Fig 1: Pinned Elements Status Bar Location

    Hover over the Select Pinned Elements icon for more information.

    Fig 2: Select Pinned Elements Tool Tip

    Fig 3: Pin Location on CAD Import

    Once you unpin the import you can move it to a different location.