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    What are the database and table settings within the Data Layer admin page?



    Using the Data Layers admin page the Admin user can specify the following database and table connection options;

    • Layer Name – an alias for the Data Layer e.g. Graffiti.
    • Layer Type – the type of geographical data e.g. Spatial or DataPoint.
    • Node SQL – the SQL to use in order to select/filer the data e.g. select * from Incidents (Table) where Type (Field) = ‘Graffiti’.
    • Unique Field - the Id or sequential number field for that table.
    • Database – the name of the database that contains your spatial data e.g. ReportIt.
    • Geographical Tablename – database table that contains the incidents e.g. incidents.
    • Geometry Column – the field in the source data that contains the spatial geometry.
    • OS Source – is the Data Layer projected to BNG?



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