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    I am getting error messages when I run the Excel Loader tool in MapThat.


    There are two main errors that can occur when trying to use the MapThat Excel Loader tool.

    ‘Unable to Connect to the Remote Server’

    By default, MapThat’s Excel Loader tool can geocode records with co-ordinates e.g. Easting & Northings without having to utilise any external API’s. However, when geocoding using addresses and postcodes the tool uses an external API to perform the geocoding. Ensure that the server MapThat is on can see the following URL’s:



    ‘The ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine.

    In order for the server machine to process Excel files you will need to ensure that the correct drivers are installed:

    If the error persists then ensure that the Application Pool Settings for MapThat can accept 32-bit applications. Firstly, check what Application Pool MapThat is using. To do this right click on MapThat in the list of Web Services in the IIS Manager and choose Manage Applications > Advanced Settings:


    Now you can change the settings for the Application Pool. To do this, select the Applications Pools > right click on the correct Application Pool (e.g. ASP.NET v4.0) and choose Advanced Settings. Now change the Enable 32-Bit Applications to be ‘True’.



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