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    By Dennis Collin 

    A frequent question that I get asked on training and at meetings is the use of the demolition tool, especially for the removal and replacement of Doors and Windows.

    The demolition tool should be used in conjunction with the Phasing set of tools within Revit where we allocate a portion of time to a view and the use the demolition option to tell the software at which points elements will be demolish and removed from site.

    A frequent request is to remove a door or window panel from the a wall on site, BUT for the software NOT to brick it back up as soon as the removal has taken place. For instance a replacement door or window on a property improvement project.

    Let’s see what Revit does on a simple plan example of a small portion of a model. For best results we configure a number of plans showing how the building looks as Existing in the past, have another view to show renovation or demolition works and a final view to show the completed site.

    Taking the Demolition Plan as an example


    We see here a wall and door, applying the demolition tool to the door flags the door as demolished in the demolition phase and overrides the appearance to dashed. It also bricks up the opening because in effect, the door no longer exists from this moment on.

    Whilst understandable this is often not what is desired.. Quite often all that is required is just to show the resultant gap (knocking two rooms into one) with a connecting archway or similar.


    One way to achieve the desired result is to simply turn off the wall infill during the demolition phase leaving the opening intact. Although some detail lines may be required to show the opening correctly, usually with some dashed lines and a head height measurement.

    An As Built Plan Example

    Assuming an opening is required of course!

    If however a replacement door is required then we do need the wall to be replaced for a new door to exist. This may involve several phases, phase filters (which customise the way a view is displayed) The new door can sit in the bricked in portion of wall and indeed this could be a structural opening should the detailing option described above is not satisfactory.

    Should the new door overlap the position of the old demolish door Revit will reinstate the walls and provided the correct phase filter is applied will show the new door position as desired.