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    By Clint Brown

    When a file is opened in a new version of Inventor, and then saved, it is automatically migrated to the new version. A dialogue box pops up telling us about the change, but we don't get too much information about the file that is being migrated. We only see the dialogue below when we save the file.

    With this in mind, I wrote a bit of code using Inventor's API to tell the user a bit more about the file, and to warn that the file version will be changing. The idea is to alert tge user to the fact that the file version is different whn they open the file (before making any changes).

    The code is attached below (for newbies, have a look at this blog post to get you started)

    To get this code to run automatically, set up an event trigger to check if the file version is older than the current version (Before the file is saved).

    Manage > Event Triggers > Then Choose “After Open Document” and Select the Rule we just created.



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