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    By David Crowther

    In an earlier blog I posted about the Control Layers tool in MapThat which allows users to override current style, visibility and layer orders settings while working in a MapThat Project.

    MapThat – Control Layers

    While visiting some of our DynamicMaps clients I have started to notice that admin users are creating multiple projects for the same teams so that individual members of the team can have their own settings saved at startup.

    In MapThat v1.0.11 (and onwards) we introduced the new ‘Save Session’ tool into the MapThat Control Layers window. The ‘Save Session’ option allows individual users to save their override settings into a Session that they can then load at Project startup. The Save Session tool is accessed using 2 buttons within the Control Layers tool – Save Session and Load Saved Sessions.

    Having made any number of style, visibility and layer order changes users can simply choose to Save their Session and return to that map at any point. By choosing the Load Saved Sessions tool users can then choose which Session to load depending on the work they are undertaking on that day.

    For example, a Planner can easily zoom into the area of the local authority where they need to create planning applications.


    The Environmental Team can view environmentally sensitive layers without having to turn all the layers on each morning.


    ,.. and the Land and Property Team can start to work on the LLPG and BLPU’s for new housing developments.

    Users can make as many style, visibility and layer order changes as they wish, turn on any number of layers and zoom to any location, safe in the knowledge that tomorrow morning they can start working where they left off !

    Why not try the Save Session tool using our TryMapThat website:




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