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    Hi I’m Scott Cunliffe I’m an Applications Engineer at Cadline.  I focus on supporting the MFG industry with Inventor as the core product, and I specialise in data management with Vault and programming with iLogic. 

    I like to think that my attitude towards technology and software is forward-thinking, and I’m usually an early adopter of the new and major releases in the consumer world.  I feel extremely lucky to be experiencing the modern world and the brake-neck speed at which it is developing and transforming business and society.

    I’ve had quite a varied career to date which has seen me working in IT, overseas as a teacher, and in the railway signalling industry.  Having studied mechanical engineering before all of that, with a final year project that resembled FEA analysis in the cloud, I have finally come full circle and I am back doing what appears to be my calling – the marriage of IT and engineering.