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    Hello my name is Connor Ferguson and I am a Solutions Developer at Cadline, joining in March 2016. I have a lot experience of software development with Autodesk API’s and enjoy solving problems for customers. This includes integrations with other systems and software add ins to provide further functionality.

    My first experience with an Autodesk Product was in 2012 when I was taken on as a Development Engineer within the same company and my main role was to automate 3D model creation using the Inventor iLogic add in and Inventor API’s. I then moved into a Systems Developer position where I did a lot of Vault Explorer customisation using the Vault API’s and acted as a Vault administrator.

    I really enjoy the freedom that Autodesk gives you to customize the setup of its products to a way that suits you and like to keep up to date with the latest advancements. Welcome to my blog.



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