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    By Justin Doughty

    This isn’t going to be a long or pretty guide, but sometimes if something goes wrong, we just need to know how to quickly fix it.

    Revit may freeze on start-up, or the user interface may not be showing correctly, my first suggestion would be to reset Revit.

    1. Logged in as the user with the error, the first step is to  go to the following location:


    Here we will have folder named Autodesk Revit 20**. Rename this folder to something, maybe give it a –OLD suffix.

    Then when Revit is next launched, a new folder will be re-created.

    2. If the First step does not fix the issue, the second step will be to edit the registry.


    This article contains information about editing the registry. Before you edit the registry, make sure you understand how to create a backup and restore it if a problem occurs (Microsoft Link), as this can render your system inoperable. You edit the registry at your own risk.

    Still logged in as the user with the error, edit the windows registry, and delete the following key:


    This should now remove any specific user based issues, and from the installation files restore Revit to an “out-of-the box” state.