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    By Gary Mann

    Info Box, an often overlooked tool which has many hidden uses.

    Full marks if you are currently aware of all features of this handy tool, otherwise the picture says a thousand words and I have added my comments below. Let me know if this helps?

    1. Info Box is on by default, if it has been closed, use “Display\Info Box.” Usually parked in the ribbon zone.
    2. Building Orientation. This arrow indicates North direction and is set during the set up wizard. Change or edit using “Edit\General\Project Details.”
    3. Not so obvious is the shortcut to view or re-set “Ortho Angle” Click anywhere inside the circle and refer to the text in the lower left hand corner. Otherwise use function key F3 or View\Miscellaneous\Ortho Angle.
    4. DXF File Manager. Quick access simply by clicking anywhere on the vertical Floor Level indicator or Tools\Manage DXF.
    5. Floor Level indicator. A graphical view of the Z height. Can also use the text entry reference display in lower right hand side (First Floor, ref input by user in Setup).
    6. The current Zoom is indicated visually here. Can be used to pan by dragging green square, but I prefer panning using the mouse.

    And finally, if you haven’t noticed, Alt+Mouse wheel forward moves the screen up a level and Alt+Mouse wheel backward moves the screen down a level.

    Thanks for looking and drop me a line if you have any questions?



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