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    By Justin Doughty 

    I thought I’d give a quick update of some experimenting I have been doing with the new features of FormIt 360 Pro for Windows.

    More detailed information can be found from Autodesk here: FormIt 360 Pro Update

    Along with a great simplistic interface, this lets you work offline, and one of the best features, gives you access to a large range of Autodesk Materials:

    Additionally we have option to export to FBX, as always this got me thinking… Let’s see how this translates into Stingray. After a quick scale of the model, I had a game .exe file of the sketch. From a blank FormIt file to a finished exe game, this whole process only took around 20 mins.

    So for a few hundred pounds a year or well under £100 per month, using Autodesk FormIt 360 Pro and Stingray, you can produce a realistic conceptual design of you project, and output a game to give to your team or client, that allows them to walk around it.




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