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     By John Flanagan 

    Anchor Tool

    One useful tool easily missed  is the Anchor Tool. You can access the anchor tool after using equalised dimensions.

    Draw three parallel walls. Dimension the distances between the walls with one dimension string and click on the little EQ (equalise) symbol that appears. With the walls equally spaced, delete the dimension string. In the bottom right of your screen you’ll get the message warning “ A Dimension with Lock and/or EQ Constraints is being deleted.” Select OK to keep the walls constrained.

    You'll notice now that when you select one of the walls a blue anchor symbol shows. If you decide to move the selected wall this symbol tells you which of the three walls will remain anchored while the other two constrained walls stretch equidistant to each other. You can select which wall will be anchored by dragging the anchor symbol to one of the other walls.

    Anchor Tool Location

    Move the blue anchor symbol to the middle wall. Now move one of the other walls. You’ll notice that the left and right walls move and stay equidistant from the centre. A practical example of this is when you want two walls to be equidistant from a property boundary line.

    You can also use the Pin Position tool (a pin icon located in the modify panel on the Ribbon)). Once pinned a wall will not move regardless of which wall has the anchor symbol. The pin position tool overrides the anchor tool.

    I hope you found this tip useful.



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