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    By James Philip

    The process is, first  select dwg from the export. CAD Formats menu.

    Then select the button to the right of Export Setup.

    In the Dialogue box, change the load Layer Standards, to British Standard BS1192. You also change other settings on the remaining Tabs.

    If you have made overrides to object styles then to ensure these are copied to the dwg file then chose the appropriate option from the

    Export Layer options. I found the Export all properties BYLAYER< and create new layers for overrides option worked the best. Please note

    that property overrides are not transferred to the dwg if the objects are converted into Blocks.

    When complete select ok

    In the next dialogue box change the Export field to  <in session view/sheet set> and the Show in list to Views in

    Model and all the views will appear in the dialogue box so that you can select the ones you wish to export

    The final part of the process is to choose the location where you wish to save the DWG files and select OK