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    You can download it here:


    Issues that were addressed:


    • MAXX-24066 Changing Frame Rate Breaks Default AutoKeyframe When Greater Than 0
    • MAXX-27784 CAT Motion Editor Spinner Y and Z are buggy.
    • MAXX-29434 Program error when user saves bip without extension
    • MAXX-27484 skinOps.ReplaceVertexWeights not working


    • MAXX-28752 Customer Error Report: Program error on File Open in UpdateSnapDisplay
    • MAXX-28406 Memory leak with Animation playback


    • MAXX-24692 No mapping during import of Autocad
    • MAXX-29250 Program error while exporting a scene created in 3ds Max 2014
    • MAXX-29125 FBX: custom attributes lost while importing fbx from MotionBuilder
    • MAXX-28897 DWG Import of dwgs containing negatively scaled blocks displays incorrectly.
    • MAXX-29186 Program error with Container Operation
    • MAXX-26606 Scenes with many xref objects take exponentially longer to load

    Materials ShaderFX

    • MAXX-29612 Undo break connection Program error
    • MAXX-27846 ShaderFX in Max 2015/2016 doesn't receive Shadows


    • MAXX-28959 Add filename being imported/exported to NOTIFY_POST_IMPORT and NOTIFY_POST_EXPORT


    • MAXX-28623 Linked Objects Inherit Parent Object Scaling
    • MAXX-29452 Customer Error Report: Program error with Mesh Optimize


    • MAXX-28428 Arch & Design templates not working anymore
    • MAXX-28958 Expose RenderElement from OpenEXR Layer

    Text tool

    • MAXX-25232Object Scaling / Frame #0 seems to not being transferred to the preset.


    • MAXX-23386 Nitrous reflection display buggy/partly broken

    From: Max Station