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    Autodesk have changed the way they license and price of Infraworks 360. It used to be that you had to purchase the base product and then add the Design Modules which made it an expensive addition to a design process. However, this has all changed with a drastic reduction in price and the inclusion of all the Design Modules.

    It is with in mind that Cadline have initiated  a series of events surrounding Infraworks 360. It starts with a series of 3 webinars introducing the power of Infraworks 360. Registration for the webinars can be found HERE.

    Following on from the webinars there will be a series of test drives. Test Drives allow attendees to get hands on with Infraworks with the guidance of an Industry Expert. These will be held at our training centres nationwide. Watch this space for more details.

    Infraworks 360 An Introduction - 11.00 4th March 2016

    The first in the series will concentrate on building your base model, using both the intergrated tools and external data. Using the available tools to style and analise your model by making the most of your GIS data. We will introduce the creation of AVI and discuss outputs. Culminating with the creation scenarios 

    This  webinar will be suitable for all disciplines including Architects, Structural and Civil Engineers as well Geospatial specialist. 

    Infraworks Using 360 The Design Tools - 10.00 8th April 2016

    Building on the first in the series, this one as the title suggests, will deal solely with the design tools. Specifically the Highways, Drainage and Bridge tools. we will cover both initial road and bridge design including analysis, design standards and content.

    place This is the one for all you engineers out there who need the ability to sketch out your design thoughts in an intelligent and colloborative method. With the ability to show design intent at early stage with compeling visuals.

    Infraworks 360 Its all about Colloboration - 10.00 29th April 2016

    The final webinar of the series this will discus and demonstrate the colloborative of power of the tool. We will cover: outputs from Infraworks, sharing with other disciplines, publishing to the cloud and design feed.  Pushing  your design concept into the realms of final design with Civil 3D etc

    This one is a must for everyone who has a need to share design intent either internally or externally.



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