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    Workflow using Vault and V_Tools in a pre-configured Cadline PAS11:92 Vault.

    Step One

    Creating project folders and Inserting an appropriately named design file. In this example we use a Revit file, but any design file could be used.

    Using V_Tools we create a standard set of project folders (note that this can be varied to match your BIM execution plan). Once we have our folder(s), we insert our first file from a template and name it using the PAS1192 naming convention, you will notice that the naming uses human readable descriptions on the right hand side, but creates the coded number as per the standard on the left.


    Step Two

    Using the V_Tools data card, we verify that all of the necessary checks have been completed on the files. Checks that have not been completed will result in non-compliancies, which will prevent the file from moving through the stage gate. Once all checks are complete, the file is allowed to move to S1. 



    Step Three

    We can now move the file to the Shared folder and sync this file to Buzzsaw for collaboration 


    Step Four

    The contractor can now download the file, make design changes and upload a new version to Buzzsaw. Once the contractor has uploaded the new version to Buzzsaw, it can be synchronized back to Vault. Vault keep a version history for full audit trail.





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