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    By Geoff Woodhead 

    I’ve been doing a lot on Infraworks 360 recently and after the initial break in period of re-familiarisation with the immersive interface I found myself getting really into the design. There will be a short series of videos and white papers to follow this blog on making the most of Infraworks 360 but for now I would like to share two very simple tips with you that caught me off guard until finding them on the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

    The first is a situation that can occur when transitioning between different road styles. If the Track Offset and Height Offset for decorations (barriers, street lights etc.) is a different value between adjacent road styles then the geometry is not placed correctly, often obstructing the carriageway (as shown in Fig. 1). Autodesk wrote an article that helped me in solving this, you can find it here.

    Fig. 1

    Image taken from Autodesk Knowledge Network article linked above.

    The second challenged me a lot more. Model Builder had created me a beautiful 3D model of my desired work area, all I had to do was design my proposal. This is where the problems started, I wanted a bridge to pass over an existing trunk road but no matter how it was created it refused to pass over. Instead always passing under the trunk road (as shown in Fig. 2). It turns out that this is controlled by the Stack Order From and Stack Order To properties of the road. You can read the issue and solution on the Autodesk Knowledge Network article here.

    Fig. 2

    Image taken from Autodesk Knowledge Network article linked above.