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    By Miles Nicholson 


    • Can I have a company standards favourite list of parts deployed to all AutoCAD Electrical users?
    • Can I enforce a set of favourites to all AutoCAD Electrical users?
    • Can I copy my favourites defined within the catalogue browser to a new pc?


    The Catalog Browser favourite list, search history, column display/order information etc. is stored in an XML file called “Autodesk.Electrical.SharedControl.Config.xml.” 

    This file can be manually copied from one PC to other computers to share. 

    Finding the file can be difficult. Start by searching in: 


    The folder marked as red in the path is random generated, so you will need to search for the file to locate it and its folder path. You will see similar folders if you have different releases of AutoCAD Electrical and/or the Inventor Catalog Browser Addin installed.

    Potentially you could have the file synchronised to the server and then back to the respective folder on the individual PC’s. Please remember the point above however that part of the path is random generated on a per user/PC basis. The filename does stay consistent.


    Credit: Pat Murnen, Autodesk



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    Gary Miller

    I don't see how the title "AutoCAD Electrical 2016 – Enforcing Company Standard Favourites in the Catalogue Browser" was explained. Are you supposed to edit that file? Also, the gold star is greyed out. How is that activated?

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    Miles Nicholson

    The gold star is activated if you right click over a component and "Add catalog number to favourites list". Once this list has been built up, you can then share the xml file between PC's meaning that the same saved favourites on one PC can be implemented on others.

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